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The “Metaverse” is a public virtual world that may be accessed via the internet. The COVID-19 pandemic badly affected the teaching-learning process in whole education system. Countries worldwide introduced virtual classes and e-learning platforms to fulfil the needs of education such as google classrooms instead of traditional classrooms. “Metaverse” can change the very nature of education by enabling online colleges allowing distance learning to provide a high-quality virtual education to students regardless of their physical

Students can use their avatars and virtual reality equipment to build an online presence and participate in a collaborative, immersive digital environment with their classmates and instructors. They could access lab experiments even staying at home. For example, students want to use CNC (Computer numerical control) machine were using a computer-driven machine tool to produce a part out of solid material in a different shape. However, it is expensive or students may be staying remote place. Therefore this “Metaverse” technology will allow students to feel their persistence in the 3D spaces and work, meet, interact and socialize with teacher. This makes education more engaging and interactive. In case of healthcare “Metaverse” could empower doctors to practice their skills with the highest accuracy to ensure everyone receives the best healthcare service anytime. This technology is also useful