About College

Established in 2016, the Bhatar Govt. ITI is a training institute situated in Orgram 2nd Colony, West Bengal. The institution provides dedicated training to its students in the fields of Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance, Fitter, Electrician, Welder, and Draughtsman Civil.

Under the approval of the NCVT committee, Bhatar Govt. ITI is working to educate the local workforce to meet the demands of growing industries.

Why choose Bhatar Govt. ITI

The institute offers free-of-cost training to individuals interested in developing their skills in any provided courses. The development of a country is deeply connected to its industrial progress and the skills taught at the Bhatar Govt. include these. Here, our mission is to help grow the industry by enabling each trainee to hone the required skills and meet the industry expectations.

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Offered Courses

The Bhatar Govt. ITI currently offers the following courses:

  1. Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance – Trainees can complete this training program in 1-year, after which they will be awarded a diploma. The course allows trainees to benefit from the campus facilities and learn theoretical and practical knowledge related to the field.
  2. Electrician – The 2-years electrician course is a complete training including the core skills like calculation, employability, and engineering drawing. Trainees also learn about their respective job roles and outcomes.
  3. Fitter – Another 2-years program is for interested candidates. Like the other programs, this is divided into semesters as a short-term professional course. The course features both general information and a practical part where trainees learn the fitting mechanisms for various structures and machines.
  4. Welder – This short course has a 1-year duration in which a complete skill set and communication skills are taught to trainees. The fundamentals include welding principles, cutting, and blazing.
  5. Draughtsman Civil – This program is in the constructor sector and is dedicated to teaching the students about creating maps and designs used in civil engineering projects. In the 2 years, the students learn all about basic drawing, projection, mapping, first aid, and related skills required to enter the professional world.
  6. Electronics Mechanic – In this vocational training program, the students will learn about electronic hardware over the span of two years. It also includes extra-curricular activities to enable trainees to learn all the professional basics of electronic mechanics.


  • Expert teaching staff
  • Classrooms equipped with the required technology
  • Separate workshop for each trade
  • The courses are eligible for government scholarships
  • Telemedicine service

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